Customized Coaching

Do you want to strengthen your family’s communication style, learn conflict-free parenting approaches and increase the self-confidence of your children?  
Social Coaching Club can customize a coaching plan to meet the specific needs of your family by utilizing the Five-Tier Training Model®.  

Do you want to increase your communication patterns, find more effective methods of discipline, and increase understanding of childhood milestones to be more effective?  

Coaching provides tools, techniques and strategies to overcome the challenges in family life.  Raising children to be independent, self-confident, self-reliant and socially competent human beings can be hard work. Social coaching will give you and and your family the tools necessary to achieve these most essential goals.

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Social Coaching Club's Five-Tier Training Model®

In-person Team Evaluations:


Using researched and scientifically validated assessment tools, coaches evaluate strengths and areas of opportunity for individuals, couples or families and define the skill sets needed for more successful and satisfying relationships and social functioning. 

Customized Skill Plans:


Utilizing the data collected from the evaluation, a customized training plan is developed. Skills to be learned are identified along with the training methods to be used and strategies to be taken to reach the agreed upon goals. 

Coaching Sessions:


This is where the training and practice takes place, where new skills are learned and practiced. Consistent reevaluation and refinement allow coaches and individuals, couples or families to make the most of their time together.

Weekly Phone Check-Ins:


A chance to follow-up, problem solve and discuss any Success Blockers® encountered during the week. This is also a time for coaches to provide motivation and encouragement to participants on the path toward goal completion.

Maintenance Program:


A plan is outlined for individuals, couples or families to have continued success after the coaching is concluded.