Is Your Middle School Student Organized?

  • Does your son or daughter know how to prioritize homework, school projects, extracurricular activities?
  • Is the "night-before-a-project-is-due" calm and focused or stressful and crazy?
  • Are homework and projects completed on time?
  • Are back-packs, notebooks, and computer/ipad desktops neat and orderly or cluttered and disorganized?

Social Coaching Club, Inc. is pleased to announce our "Back-to-School Time Management & Organization" Workshop for students in Middle School. In a two-part workshop, parents and their students will learn tips, tricks and techniques to better handle the onslaught of academic and extracurricular workloads and information before the year spins out of-control. Part one is a one-hour meeting for parents to learn ways to help their middle-schooler manage their responsibilities; part two is a one-hour, hands-on class for students to get organized and prepared for the new school year.