Nanny Boot Camp ®

Social Coaching Club  has created a specialized program to enhance the proficiency of your childcare staff – nannies, au pairs, and/or babysitters.  We teach your caregivers how to build your child's social skills competency.

In an interactive, bilingual workshop, caregivers will participate in guided exercises, leader-facilitated role-plays and a series of brief lecture/demonstration scenarios to build their abilities to better care for your child. 

Workshops offered for both Nanny Boot Camp and Toddler Time Nanny Boot Camp

The Toddler Time series are specialized workshops for those caring primarily for infants and toddlers:

Workshop 1
Child Development and Temperament

Is the child you care for excessively defiant, overly cautious, or too trusting?  Learn the fundamentals of your child’s temperament and personality.

Workshop 2
Communication, Cooperation and Self-Esteem/Confidence Building

Creating cooperative, confident kids/toddlers
How to communicate effectively, build self-esteem and foster cooperation with kids/toddlers

Workshop 3
Discipline, Limit Setting and Common Problems

Tantrums, toilets and talking with toddlers;
How to set limits, provide appropriate discipline and effectively handle common problems

Skills Developed Throughout the Nanny Boot Camp Workshop Series:

  • To be a More Effective Communicator
  • To Understand Child Development & Milestone Markers
  • Facilitate Alternative Conflict Resolution
  • To Build Self-Esteem and Courage in Children
  • To Foster Cooperation
  • Provide Appropriate Discipline
  • To Teach Responsibility, Impulse Control and Good Social Skills to Kids
  • Provide Healthy Boundary Setting Education

Nanny Boot Camp Workshops® are offered on Saturdays and evenings. 

All Workshops are two hours 
Earn Your Certificate for each Workshop 

$140 per Workshop, (2hrs)
Special Discounts for Workshop Bundles!

Space Limited!!!

For Registration, please call or email