What is Social Coaching?
The training of children, adolescents, parents and caregivers in social competency.

What is Social Competency?
Social competency is the ability to use a defined set of skills to relate well with others.

What are your classes going to do for my child?
We provide children and adolescents the opportunity to learn necessary skills to navigate effectively in today’s world. In our peer-to-peer classes, children and adolescents learn the skills needed to increase their social aptitude and function successfully as part of their larger communities (family, school, extra curricular activities, etc.). Children and adolescents develop tools needed to handle socially intimidating situations including, but not limited to: overcoming bullying, resolving conflict, becoming comfortable meeting new people and responding appropriately with authority figures (such as new teacher, a new classmate or college interviewer).

What will your coaching services do for my child?
Our coaching system involves working with a child or adolescent on an individual basis evaluating personal strengths and areas of opportunity, then developing a customized plan to target areas of specific social advancement.  Whether your son or daughter has difficulty interacting in social, academic or family settings, we can help by thoroughly assessing the deficiency and then creating a training program to cultivate skills in the desired areas.

What will your coaching services do for my family?
Like the services for children and adolescents, our individualized coaching plans allow you to tailor a coaching approach that fits the needs of your family. We provide a number of services to address a multitude of family issues. These include among others: working with the entire family to improve communication patterns, working directly with the parents to increase parenting skills, working one-on-one with the teen to concentrate on their specific social development and working with the parents as a couple to build stronger relationships as the foundation for the family.

Do you offer traditional therapy and counseling services?

Yes, SCCI offers therapeutic services to children, adolescents, couples and families.  Therapy is provided by licensed clinicians and marriage and family therapy interns on a weekly basis.

How do I know if my child needs coaching or therapy?

We like to say if coaching is the how, therapy is the why.  Coaching is a solution-based, goal-oriented approach to positive living, emphasizing healthy choices and overcoming life roadblocks.  Therapy involves a greater emphasis on self understanding, healing deep emotional issues, and crisis management.  For instance, if your child or teen is struggling with making friends, coaching would help your child learn the tools and techniques in making friends, maintaining healthy relationships and managing conflicts.   Therapy, in addition to teaching peer relationships skills, also provides the client the opportunity to process the feelings connected to the situation (for instance the anxiety in meeting new people or the sadness of being excluded).  If you are not sure which approach is best for your child or teen, any of the coaches or therapist at SCCI can help you decide whether therapy or coaching is the best option for your family.

Why do I need parenting coaching?
Parents are the key to promoting healthy social growth in their teens. Parents will learn essential parenting skills, methods and techniques that have been hailed by child development experts as the most effective solutions to parenting strong and capable young adults. All parents can benefit from the course's emphasis on strengthening the parent/child relationship.  Our services are particularly effective for co-parenting in divorced and blended families.

What do you charge?
Our fee schedule for classes and workshops is posted on our class registration page.  For more information on private coaching fees, please call 818.379.3340 or email

How does your process work?
After an initial phone consultation, a decision will be made determining which services will meet the needs of the individual, couple or family. If classes are appropriate, your child can join at any time.  If coaching is the direction to take, a comprehensive evaluation will be scheduled with a SCCI coach (see Coaching Services for more information).  If you will be receiving therapeutic services, a SCCI therapist will call you directly to schedule your intake session.

How do I know my child will improve?
Each child and teen's approach to social situations is unique and not all results are seen immediately. They will develop a variety of new skills that will continue to grow as they become more comfortable and confident in social situations. While this is an on-going process, you may notice a difference in your son or daughter’s attitude and behavior immediately as they are introduced and practice each new skill. 

Where are you located?
We have offices in Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks and Ojai. 

For any other questions please give us a call at (818) 379-3340 or send an email to