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How Social Coaching Club's Enrichment Programming Can Benefit Your School... Providing Tools Today for an Easier Tomorrow®

  • No Cost to School or Parent Organizations
  • Fundraising Opportunity Directly Through Parent-Paid Class Fees
  • Enrichment Classes Offered After School, program does not interfere with class instruction
  • Provides An On-Campus Solution to Student Social Struggles
  • Research shows that social competency is just as important to children's success as the three 'R's and that improving students' social skills results in commensurate increases in academic learning.

Recognizing the needs of busy parents, Social Coaching Club offers their Social Empowerment class series within public and private schools. The class series is designed to meet the needs of the school and can be offered in sessions from six to 12 weeks in length. These enrichment programs are focused on building the 8 Core Social Skills® among school-age children. 

Today’s children and teenagers face a more complex world than generations past. Technology has made communication easier than ever before. However, it has also lead to issues like “sexting” and “cyber-bullying.” Moreover, traditional child and adolescent struggles for independence and understanding still result in behavioral problems.

For children, especially those still in elementary school, the time of “go out and play” is over. The pressures of over-scheduling, overwhelming academic expectations and arranged play-dates have deprived our children of the ability to learn and develop those social skills that were once the norm in growing up. Children and teens are lacking the foundational skills of interacting and society is seeing these effects with the rise in bullying, suicide and depression rates in the youth of America. 

Social Coaching Club Helps Parents Help Their Kids®

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